LAUREN CLARKE is an editor of fact and fiction, specialising in the romance genre. She works with a host of traditionally and independently published authors, some USA Today, NY Times, Amazon and iBooks bestsellers amongst them. With more than fifteen years experience in the publishing industry, she is passionate about helping writers create the perfect story. 

   As well as working in structural and line editing, Lauren hosts a series of workshops and courses for authors and writers' groups both digitally and in person. She is also the creator of a range of tools to help writers create—check out the store for more details.


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ANNA BISHOP has more than ten years’ experience in the communications and marketing field. During this time, she excelled at creating copy and proofreading to help her clients achieve message breakthrough in a series of very different and competitive marketplaces.

   Anna's lifelong love of reading and storytelling led her to the CREATING ink team, where she provides support, creative solutions and a keen eye to authors by way of copy editing and beta reading. Her attention to detail and kind nature have already made her a favourite amongst current and new clients.