STRUCTURAL EDITING: Do you want your story
to stick with readers for days, weeks or  months
to come? Whether you're a seasoned professional or
an aspiring author, a structural edit could be the
difference between a book that resonates and one that
is easily forgotten.

   A structural edit analyses target market, characterisation, GMC (goal, motivation and conflict), pacing, setting, plot, narrative voice, structure, POV and more to help you make your novel the best it can be. This form of edit is comprised of a multi-page report and a marked up manuscript, leaving you with easy-to-follow instructions that will make your story stronger.


LINE EDITING: A line edit is your standard form of editing, CREATIVE ink style. Think basic spelling and grammar, plus benefits. From repetition to inconsistencies, unnecessary words to awkward phrasing, and even bigger-scale issues that you might need a second set of eyes to see (and trust me, we've all been there—when you're the author, it's hard to see the forest for the trees!), this is the edit for you.

   A line edit consists of one pass and a two-hour revision to allow you to workshop any problem areas in your story and have them looked over. A second read is available on request for an additional (reduced) fee.

Writing is hard. 

   There, I said. Creating a novel isn't easy—but nothing worthwhile ever is. 

   What if you could have someone in your corner while you created? Someone to bounce ideas off. Someone to keep you accountable. Someone who truly cared about the success of your novel, and who was able to offer you expert advice when it came to planning and executing your plans?

   An author coach is an invaluable person to have on your team. Part mentor, part cheerleader, part organiser, a coach is a great way to help you finish your novel faster.  

Your author coaching package includes:

  • One-on-one coaching sessions

  • Mini lessons on craft or business tailored to your needs

  • Revision of your work as you're writing to ensure it's on the right track

  • Weekly check-ins to ensure you're reaching your goal sooner

and much, much more.

   This could be the difference between writing
300,000 words to create a 100,000-word novel (and believe me, we've all been there) and finishing your book in half the time. 

   Sound like your cup of tea? Email Lauren to find out more. 

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