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Taking your novel from start to finish


Get organised and write smarter with The Novel Project Planner. This spiral-bound daily planner will make writing your novel easier thanks to its easy-to-use goal-setting sheets, scheduling tables, and more.

    The Novel Project Planner includes:

  • A day-to-a-page planner section for your goals and priorities
  • Helpful prompts to keep your author business on track
  • Three stunning seperate schedule overview cards to help you plan your novel from start to finish (perfect to keep with your laotop or even stick on your wall so you can refer to your dates easy as can be)
  • Two beautiful postcards to help you focus in on your big, beautiful goals and how you will achieve them (great for visualisation) 
  • Review-tracking spreadsheets so you know who you’ve asked to read your book and when they’re likely to complete it
  • Goal-setting tips to get you where you want sooner,

     and more.


     This book is complete at 152 pages, making it suited to those writers looking for a planner to keep them on track through an individual project or a portion of the year.


     The Novel Project Planner is the perfect scheduling tool to help authors get things done, and comes complete with FREE digital downloads in case you need more pages or space to plan our your goals and deadlines. 


NB: We are currently waiting to restock. This product will not ship till February 15, 2019.

The Novel Project Planner

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