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The Author Diary 2018

I am so excited that The Author Diary 2018 is officially being released this Thursday. More than that, I'm excited for 2018--I can't wait to use mine!

This idea for this came to me in a two-pronged way. I have a Facebook group, Number Achievers, where people report their weekly goals and check back in to confirm whether they're on track or not. Lots of writers tell me they've found this helpful, and I know I do, too. But then I started thinking: what if I could take this concept and make it tangible, put something in print? Personally, I find the satisfaction of checking a box off a list, or highlighting an item to signify it as "done" right up there with the satisfaction of eating a rich dark chocolate and drinking a decadent red wine.

The other reason I wanted to create this product is for the friends of the authors out there. The Author Diary 2018 makes a fabulous present for those looking to gift something to the writers in their life this festive season.

I hope you find this diary as exciting as I do.

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