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April Fiction-Writing Challenge

I had so much fun with the 30-Day Author Business Challenge this January that I'm hosting a (much smaller!) April Fiction-Writing Challenge. This is designed to help you hit those word-count goals, to encourage you to try new things, and to give you an excuse to shout your writing from the rooftops - the world needs to read your fabulous words! It's time to shine.

So, what's it all about? . This is a three-part challenge, and you can take part in as much or as little as you want—it’s up to you!

PART ONE: It wouldn’t be a fiction-writing challenge without a word-count component. How many words will you get done this month? What is your goal? Or, if you’re buckling down and going all in, can you push your numbers to make them higher this April? Is there extra time you could use to get it done?Once you tell me your goals, I will check in with you once a week via email to make sure you’re on track. I’ll also be hosting some sprints for those who are interested, over in the CREATING ink Facebook group.

PART TWO: Every Friday, I’ll be sending out a challenge via email. This may be an exercise you can then use in your work-in-progress, or it may be something that helps you get to know your characters a little better. Note that this is not a course; it's simply a prompt to help you get some words on this page. Challenging yourself by bringing a fresh idea or energy into your writing can only ever be a good thing, right?

PART THREE: I’m also hosting a short fiction contest! I challenge you to share one paragraph of your writing on social media using the hashtag #creatinginkchallenge and/or tagging our Instagram (@CREATINGink) or our new Facebook page. Each week, I will pick one winner at random to receive a $5 Amazon gift voucher.This is to get you SHARING your words in public. So often we feel embarrassed about putting ourselves out there, but I want you to own your writing this month. You’re a boss! Let your gorgeous words shine.

Does this sound like your cup of tea? Sign up now using the form here, and don't forget to join the CREATING ink group on Facebook. Let's make April count together.

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